ACTUALLY, THEY ARE BOTH AN ACQUIRED TASTE. Marketing can be difficult to swallow; it's sometimes hard to take a dispassionate look at what you've built and maybe take some of it apart. But change is almost always good. And fresh eyes can look at a situation in a new way. And like turnips, marketing is good for you!

My experience runs across many different business segments, and I've worked hard and created some very unusual solutions. I used to be in NYC, and the experiences, connections and knowledge I gained there were powerful and exciting. Now I am physically located in Florida. Regardless of the physical location, I work virtually anywhere. My team is located across the country, and some of us only know each other as a voice on the phone. It's the modern office, and it means that I can be pulling turnips at 6:00am in Tallahassee and meet with a client in Manhattan an hour later. It means that you get the services you need. Period.

I'd like to personally get together with you. I'll bring the turnips, you bring a list of things that are bugging you about your business. We'll sit down and figure out how to make it better.

Give me a call or send me an email, and let's discuss what you need and how we can help you achieve it.